CopyFilenames 3.3

Adds an extra menu command to the context menu in Windows File Explorer
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CopyFilenames is a small utility designed for developers, technical authors and system administrators who often need to write documents that refer to files. Listing out each and every file is very cumbersome and takes lots of time. You can save your precious time by using CopyFilenames. CopyFilenames is a simple and easy to use utility. In order to copy the filenames, you just need to open Windows Explorer and select the files/folders to be copied and click the “Copy Filenames” submenu from the context menu. You can now paste the copied list of file/folder names in the application you want. One of the coolest features of CopyFilenames is that it allows you to configure the information copied into the clipboard. It allows you to sort the list in alphabetical order or sort by file size/last modified date. It also allows you to add file attributes such as file size, last modified date, and the full path to the file. You can also configure it to quote filenames with single/double quotes and separate filenames with space, tab, new line or comma. CopyFilenames also provides you with two commands with which you can rename a file with the text from the clipboard and delete a single file after copying its filename.

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  • Simple and easy to use


  • Does not support Linux and Mac OS
  • It is not a standalone application but an extension for Windows Explorer only
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